Chest and Display Freezers

100L Chest Freezer

For use in a Team Building Activity.

200L Display Feeezer

Ice Cream Give Outs at a Road Show.

200L Chest Freezer

For Event.

250L Display Freezer

Short term rental over the festive period to store extra raw material for meeting production increases.

330L Chest Freezer

Short term rental to store extra raw food over festive period.

410L Display Freezer

Great for roadshows, carnivals etc

100L Display Freezer

Small compact freezer ideal for weddings, road shows, carnivals etc.

330L Chest Freezer

Short term rent for storage to stock up over peak period.

Chest Freezers

Supporting a F & B vendor at a marathon with freezers.

Display Freezer

For use in a roadshow giving out ice cream.


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